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MKZ Jewelry

I've had a love of crystals and stones dating back to 3 years old mining agates from Lake Mille Lacs, to a 12 year-old making earrings out of fishing lures (because they can be really pretty!) and spending my allowance on costume jewelry from the elderly neighbors garage sales.  I've been a Silversmith since 2011, and have been making beautiful, custom jewelry ever since.

The process to work with me involves us having an initial meeting to discuss whatever idea you have.  You can pick from my inventory of crystals & stones, or we can design something for metalwork.  I will give you options and ideas, after hearing the intention you have behind it, whether it is for yourself or someone else.  If you need inspiration, please take a look at the gallery of past custom jewelry below.  If you don't want to be involved in the creative process, that is just fine too, intention can carry us to the finish line in this process.

When you are ready to start your journey with me, fill out the contact form below.  I am looking forward to creating something special for, and with you! 



Sterling Silver with 14K Gold accent ball

Moonstone represents inner clarity, cyclical change, and a connection to the feminine. It is a symbol of light and hope and also encourages us to embrace new beginnings.

My Past  Work


My Past  Work



My Past  Work



This was the first time I have ever had jewelry custom made! I wanted to give my daughters and my son, something custom made. I had so much fun planning this with Maria and it was simply enjoyable, professional, and fulfilling since the gifts were hand made locally! I gave one daughter a Pink Druzy ring, my other daughter a Moonstone ring. My son received two bracelets with one being Malachite, Sandalwood and Onyx. The other was all Sandalwood beads. All of them loved their custom jewels! Maria really helped me in the design process and then she made them happen in real life! Next is something for ME!!!

~Melanie Z.~





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*Please note that all of my designs are made to order at this time. Submitting the form is only the start of our collaboration process and all pieces are subject to material availability.

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