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Creating and holding space for people to quiet their mind, and reconnect with themselves, is essential to me.  I wanted to create a space where you can access Sound Healing Meditations, anytime, anywhere.  Below you will find a few recordings, and I will be adding more when inspiration finds me.


If you find there are topics or focus areas you would like to see here, please reach out and I will do my best to accommodate the request.

Please enjoy as many times as you would like, and feel free to share the link to this page with others.

Chakra Balancing Sound Healing Meditation

This 26 minute Sound Healing Meditation will help balance your Chakra's, and allow you to rest on a deeper level.

Chakra Balancing Sound Healing & Meditat
00:00 / 26:36

Calming The Nervous System

We tend to give a lot of effort toward healing trauma and sensory overload from this fast paced world, yet we tend to neglect our nervous system.  We can't fully heal until our nervous system feels safe enough to do so.  This Sound Healing Meditation will allow your nervous system to rest, so it can truly receive your healing work.

Calming the Nervous System
00:00 / 30:46

Challenging Day Reset

We all tend to experience a challenging day from time to time.  It is inevitable.  But you don't have to carry it with you.  I am so happy you found this recording, because it was made especially for you, for this moment.  Find a quiet place, take a deep breath, and press Play.

Challenging Day Reset
00:00 / 28:10

15 Minute Reset

This 15 minute sound healing was created to give you a quick reset, calming your nervous system, balancing your Chakras, and bringing you to a calm state so you can continue on with your day.

15 Minute Reset
00:00 / 15:21
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