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Throughout my life,

I have been drawn to stones and crystals and leaned into learning about the metaphysical properties’ they yield. I have incorporated this, with intention, into my jewelry making process.  Precious metals hold these properties as well, which is why I only use these quality materials.  I have been a silversmith since 2011, and incorporating gold into my practice since 2019.

I created this space where you're able to commission a personal piece of jewelry for yourself or someone special.  A place where you get to collaborate with the jeweler to curate something that speaks to your soul.  Whether you are looking for a certain stone to manifest your dreams, or a deeply personal gift… we design it together!


My aspiration is to create something you desire with quality materials, charged with intention, that can be worn everyday, at a price-point for every budget.


I became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2020 through the 612 Jungle Yoga Studio in Minneapolis, MN, and it guided me to sound healing.  The more I learned, the more my spirit lit up from the inside-out.  This spiritual calling led me to California to study sound healing with and I became certified in 2022. I am deeply passionate about holding safe space for others to reconnect with themselves and find the deep relaxation our souls need.

The Crystal Effect was born from combining my love of making quality, meaningful jewelry with intention, and my deep passion for sound healing, and all that it offers.

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